Friday, 3 January 2020


The mother had to go out to look for food for those little kids. Ever since they have started staying away from the family, there was nobody to take care of the kids. The mother was on her own. Kids are now big enough to demand food other than their mother’s milk, but not big enough to take care of themselves. So the mother had to leave them on their own, praying and wishing nothing will happen to them when she is away. The kids are so mischievous, they don’t sit still. They roam around the whole neighbourhood, without much idea about all the dangers waiting for them in every corner. So the mother worries.

The mother is now back. She has found some food for their family. But where have they gone? She can’t find them anymore. She cries and calls out for them, but where are they? She is tired and hungry now, needs to rest, and needs to eat. But she won’t stop looking for her kids.

Oh wait!! Does she hear something? A familiar voice calling enthusiastically from around the corner? Yes, there are those chubby feet running towards her. They run as if their mother is the only thing they want in the world. They run and embrace. Now their mother is back, they aren't leaving her for even a second, not letting her out of their loving arms.

Oh look, there is an eager photographer  there. What better moment to get you family picture than now!! Smile...and click. 

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