Saturday, 28 December 2019


We always hear that the journey is important and not the destination, but really how many of us are comfortable if the hotel we booked is not upto the mark or if our luggage is lost at airport. How do you think we would react? If we are so uncomfortable with little hiccups in our journey, think about the migratory birds who travel miles to get to a different region. For us, generally travel is just for pleasure but for these birds it's a matter of survival. How must they feel if the new place is filled with concrete, plastic and worse of all, humans. 

Friday, 27 December 2019

The boundary

We hear so much discussion about what it means to be a Citizen. Let's remind ourselves that countries are our creations of our imagination. Nature doesn't differentiate between countries, it doesn't recognize any border for that matter.

We have migratory animals who move from one continent to another as part of their life cycle. When we start creating boundaries, start making this distinction of mine and yours, what we forget is the true owner of the earth is not us at all.

I have heard of animals being electrocuted by the fences that humans create. Poor animal souls who don't even understand this idea of fence and electricity, why should they be punished in our endeavor to show our dominance?

Thursday, 26 December 2019


With the continuous development, human beings have found themselves at the pinnacle of food chain.

The sad part is that humans are using this power not just to source food but also for other benefits and momentary pleasures. If predators like tiger and lions start hunting their prey not just for food but also for entertainment, it will mean the destruction of their own food source.

These predators understand this simple fact but sadly humans don't. We still don't know how to responsibly manage this power.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Hope for Stripes

African savannas are magical. In these grasslands, you can witness the circle of life right in front of your eyes. Beautiful animals everywhere, innocent herbivores to majestic carnivores.

Indian jungles are not like that. You go to the tiger reserves, hoping to see a tiger, but nobody can ever guarantee you that the beauty of Indian jungles will choose to bless you with a sighting. These safaris aren't comfortable. You get a dust bath in these jungles either in a freezing cold morning or a scorching hot day, never knowing if your quest will end in a disappointment or an ecstasy.

Many people ask me, if it is so difficult to spot a tiger, why do you keep going back to these jungles, why don't you go to Africa only every time! The answer is, these beauties, sadly Africa doesn't have a tiger. I will keep going back, again and again, even if there is remotest possibility to see this beauty. At the end of everything, I will take a small chance of seeing this beauty to never laying eye on one or seeing it in a captured environment. This is my way of worshipping this majestic creature!

Tuesday, 24 December 2019


Lions often stay in prides consisting of one or more male lions, a few lionesses, few sub adult cubs and some young cubs. The size of the pride can reach more than 20 lions. Often lionesses work together to raise cubs, hunt and feed the entire pride.

When we saw this pride, they were enjoying their meal of a wildebeest they had hunted early morning. Each member of the pride took turn to eat their share of the kill. The dominant lion ate for a long time. When he was full, he got up, went to the lioness and started grooming her. The lioness was still hungry and kept eating while happily accepting this show of affection.

To me, it looked like the lion's way of saying thanks for providing food and taking care of the family!! Such simple gesture!!! What do you think the lion was saying?

Monday, 23 December 2019

Festive Mood

Christmas is just around the corner. It's time for celebration. It’s time for lights, colors and Christmas tree. Everywhere I am going recently, is decorated with plastic Christmas tree and colorful lights and decoration. It’s festive, it’s pretty.

I don’t have a Christmas tree. Neither do I have so many lights and decoration. But I celebrate differently, minimizing my impact on the environment. My house doesn’t have plastic decoration, but it is adorned with more than a hundred lush plants, flashing all colors you can possibly imagine. And guess what, in addition to adding colors to my home, they also clean my air, produce oxygen for me and reward my love with new leaves and flowers.

And when even that is not enough, I have these animals, these pictures and memory of such colorful moments.

Is my home less colorful in any sense? Isn't it more important to celebrate life in a most lively fashion possible?

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Black and White

Nature is the birthplace of all creativity. May it be colours or sound, we have all been inspired by nature. The diversity of colours is unparalleled and can not be recreated by humans.

Even the whites in nature have the ability to enthrall us. Seeing wintery white on the street is magical while the white waterfall cascading down is enchanting. The white rose in the flower garden is exquisite and white ducks on calm waters is angelic.