Saturday, 13 July 2019


100 !! That's the number of posts we complete today!!

The journey started 3 months back, when two friends, wildly fascinated by the wonders of nature, decided to stop being bystanders.

Our love story with nature and wildlife was nothing new. We marveled at the beauty of nature, grandeur of these beautiful animals, the peace that the jungles provided, the spiritual fulfillment that the mountains offered. We cared deeply about the perils to the environment and were informed enough to take necessary actions in our own lives. But why didn't that still feel enough? We wanted to do more.

So we decided to raise our voice. Yes, the fact that we are just two faces in the crowd, didn't change. But we refused to believe that we cannot do more. And we started whispering our love for environment to those who would listen, once daily. That was 100 posts back.

But it still doesn't feel enough. Because these majestic beauties have carried the burden of our ignorance far longer than that. Little over a 100 years back, there were 100,000 tigers roaming the jungles of India. More than the number of people who chose to listen to what we have to say, more than the number of days we stopped being bystanders. Once upon a time they ruled the jungles, their own world. And we destroyed their kingdom, killed them, banished their children from their homes, oppressed them for our selfish interests.

So of course 100 posts doesn't feel enough. Here is a promise to this beautiful beast. We won't stop loving you. We won't stop whispering. We will raise our voice, we will shout at the top of our voice, every single day, if that's what it takes to save you. We will never stop hoping that enough people will listen someday to us and look at you with the same love and respect as us. We will not let you fade, EVER!!

Friday, 12 July 2019

Creepy Crawly

I love all animals, ok, not all... I mean look at those Creepy Crawly ones... nope, can't even look at them.. they gave me the shivers.. They are my Achilles hill, my kryptonite, whatever you want to call it.

But when I say that I don't like them, does that mean that I will kill them with pesticides? If everyone wanted to get rid of what they don't like or are scared by, what will remain on this earth?

It is important to realize that we will never love all species.. but our survival depends on  these species. They help keep the balance of the ecosystem helping in the biodiversity.  Forget what will happen to the environment if they were to go extinct but isn't life a bit more fun because of so many of them?

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Responsible Tourism

We keep saying that human interference is the main reason for  most of the environmental degradations. Does that mean environmental conservationists propagate no human footfall in natural places which need protection? No, human footfall doesn't necessarily mean harm. Let me explain.

One of the many ways we can support conservation efforts is through tourism. We get attracted to the natural beauty of many places. When we start visiting these places, we create demand for food, hotels, infrastructure, guide, local knowledge, arts, crafts and many such activities. Our demand creates jobs for the local people and many more. In 2017, international tourism generated $1.6 trillion in earnings and one tenth of all jobs. Directly or indirectly tourism industry contributed to approximately 10% of world's GDP. This leads to development of these areas, economically and infrastructurally. Locals get more incentive to preserve their cultural, environmental heritage and maintain peace & security to attract more tourists in the future.

But does that mean we can go anywhere and do whatever we want? No. That's where Responsible Tourism comes into picture. When we visit these beautiful places, we have a moral responsibility to treat the place, its flora and fauna and the entire ecosystem with respect, to protect it for the others and the future generations to enjoy.

We have to make sure that we don't litter, don't disturb wildlife or harm them, do not throw plastic everywhere which wildlife can choke on. We should not do anything to pollute the air or water, anything to disturb the natural balance of the environment. Only this way we can enjoy the place while conserving it at the same time.


Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Small or Big.. All Lives Matter

Life exists on this planet in different shapes, sizes and forms, so much that it may be difficult to understand why so many different forms are needed. For example, when I was a child, I never understood why those tiny bacteria, viruses had to exist, when all they do is just make us sick. They are so small that they are not even visible with naked eyes. 

They exist because they all have a role to play. Yes, some bacterias make us sick. But there are other bacterias who save our lives, those who perform many of our essential bodily functions such as digestion, neutralize toxins. Bacterias help decompose dead bodies. Without bacteria, all the millions of dead bodies from the wars or bubonic plague would still be piling up all around us. Bacterias decomposed the bodies, putting an end to the epidemic, returning the nutrients they consumed from nature back to nature for us to consume now. They act as agents of the greatest recycling project of our nature. So the answer to my question is, if they never existed at all, we would have never existed. We exist because they exist. 

This is true for every single organism in some way or the other. Some directly, some indirectly. We cannot live alone. Humans are social animals, remember!! Let's now expand the definition of 'social' beyond humans, if not for the sake of them, then for the sake of our own survival. 

Monday, 8 July 2019

Water Food Oxygen

We have a lot of faith in our technology. With technology, we have achieved so much...learned to fly, reach the moon, even predict the future. So many of us believe that we have no reason to be worried about the environment. We have, and we will control the environment the way it suits us. After all, that's what it is there for. And who bothers about the consequences!! Technology will save us. Aren't we the smartest living beings on the planet??

If you are one of those who believe in technology to this extent, ask yourself this one simple thing. We reached the moon, sent our satellites to space and killed each other with atomic energy. But one thing we have failed again and again. We couldn't create the basic building blocks of our life yet! Water, food and oxygen. Without the sea, the cloud and rain, we don't have any water. Without the trees for photosynthesis, we don't have any oxygen and without the world as a whole, we don't have food. Then how can we be above this environment simply because we have technology?

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Infinite Power of a Consumer

Environment!! It is in danger. It needs saving. But what can I do? I am just a tiny individual, minding my own business in my tiny life. Even if I change some things in my life, how would it ever make any significant contribution towards saving the environment?

But is that really true??

I may be a tiny individual with a tiny life and tiny social circle. But I am also a consumer. In order to survive in the world, we buy stuff. And every time I buy something, I send an economic signal to the manufacturers, industrialists, government about my choice as a consumer. My signal tells the capitalist where they have the opportunity to earn more money. Enough number of such signals creates the market, the building block of our economy. If the capitalist knows that the market demands environmentally responsible production, they will have to change their attitude also to meet that demand.

So am I really that insignificant? Absolutely not!! All I have to do is consume responsibly. Consume items that are sustainable, doesn't harm the environment. I just have to keep sending those signals to my industries and government that I won't compromise with the environment anymore. I want my planet safe and my child's future secure. And I have to tell my tiny circle to repeat the same process. Till the time, we are actually heard and we make a change.