Saturday, 18 May 2019

Say NO to endangered animal meat

When you see blue whales in the sea, you witness first hand, the vastness of nature. Their sheer size amazes you and their graceful movements, their dives, little spray of water, all of it leaves you enchanted and enthralled.
After seeing these whales in Sri Lanka, I had a chance to eat whale meat later in life. As I took my first bite, I went back on that sea voyage, that rough sea and most importantly, my first glance at the whale when it sneaked out of the sea just next to my side of the boat. I realized that I am eating that same magnificent animal that left me feeling privileged and speechless a few months back. Or worst, I may be eating the same whale. With tears in my eyes, I said no, a definite never again.
Solution: Say NO to endangered animal meat
These endangered species have been poached for their oil, for their meat over the centuries. Commercial whaling wiped out 80-90% of whale population from the oceans and drove some spicies to complete extinction and some more to near extinction and yet, some countries like Japan, Norway and Iceland haven't banned whaling. It's not just about whales. There is market for tiger meat, ostrich or crocodile meat. If global warming and habitat loss wasn't enough to drive these animals to extinction, the demand of meat from 7.5 billion people definitely will. The only way now to stop this is to stop the demand itself. We all have to say a resounding NO.

Friday, 17 May 2019

First Snow

Being from a City which always seems to be high on the idea of burning you alive, my first experience of snowfall came pretty late in my life. In a time when I was setting foot into adulthood, I also set foot on my first snow filled road. It was an experience to even learn to walk on the snow clad path, sometimes sleepery, sometimes soft as butter and other times hard as rocks, it was a world of terrain I was so unaccustomed to. It taught me to trust my instict, to tread lightly and fall, many times, just fall.... But it also taught me I am strong enough to get back up and if I persevere, unlimited joy and pride was just a few steps away.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

A Code of Conduct

Since the time I have started going on natural safaris, many have asked me- the jeep is open? There isn't even glass? The animals are in open? Why would you take such a risk? What if they attack? How can the guide not be armed? Aren’t these dangerous animals?

The simple answer is yes, they are dangerous. But they have something that's more important- a way of life, a code of conduct. Sitting out there in that jungle surrounded by those "dangerous" animals, without a protective barrier or a weapon, I felt a lot safer than I feel in big cities, among people. I was sure that if I paid them respect and didn't threaten or disturb them, I will get same respect in return along with a thrilling experiece. I wish we could say the same about our interactions with other humans.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Nature, my sanctuary

Growing up in a city I never experienced nature and its impact on our physical and mental health. It was not until a decade back I realized the true essence of nature. Since then it has been hard to ignore the calling. 

I am a tiny insignificant individual living and working in a big city. I am tiny compared to the grandeur of nature. But unlike city noises, nature doesn't bury my inner voice. Unlike city air, the forest air doesn't leave me breathless. All the luxury in my city apartment doesn't give me that feeling of home and I still long for the feeling of fresh dewdrops in my bare feet in the morning. Walking in nature the whole day, exhausted, I still feel at stress just melting away. 

When have my material possessions given me so much serenity? Even lost in a jungle, I am never truly lost, but I find my way back to myself. And now it pains me to see my sanctuary, my home being further and further away from me every passing day!!

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

God's creation

We are yet to find another planet which has livable conditions. When you think about it, what were the chances of having all the perfect conditions to actually have our planet born? Very very miniscule. No wonder we believe in God, for this is a miracle, of greatest proportions. But then I wonder, seeing the destruction we caused to His creation, is God so disappointed in us that he stopped at the Earth only and decided to leave other planets alone, in their own world. 

Monday, 13 May 2019

Beauty everywhere

We go to these jungles to see big cats. But if we stop for a while and look around, there is beauty everywhere. Someone has sparkly eyes, someone else has elaborately designed antlers. Someone adds a blast of color standing out from everyone else while someone camouflages itself so well that we can't see them. Some have softest skin while some have tough exterior. This beauty is so pure, innocent and divine that when it goes unnoticed, its entirely the beholder's loss...

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Story of a single mother

Story of a single mother !!

She is young, beautiful with more suitors than she can count. But no, her time is devoted to those tiny bundles of joy back at home. She has to provide for them, take care of them and make sure to keep them safe from all the earthly dangers lurking about. She has to teach them their way around the world and become independent. Until then she has no time, not even for herself. Only sometimes, once in a while, just for a second....she needs to sit and relax, only to get up rejuvinated, prepared to conquer the world for her kids...

This is her story....the young beautiful Spotty. The queen of Bandhavgarh! But may not be hers's the story of every single mother in the world!! 

P.S: It breaks my heart that even after so much dedication and sacrifice, Spotty could not save any cubs from this litter