Saturday, 11 May 2019

Innovation and inspiration

As humans, we are not super strong or super fast. We cannot change our color or shed our fur in varied climate conditions. But we are intelligent, we can think, adapt and whenever the need arises, we innovate. We saw birds can fly but we cannot so we invented airplanes. We saw sharks chasing their prey stealthily, so we invented submarines. We don't have night vision like many animals, but we learned to illuminate the dark. Nature has served as the source of our imagination, an inspiration for our innovations since the beginning of time. But as we invented, we grew more and more ignorant towards the consequences of it all. In the process of creating artificial stuff to make our life easier, we destroyed natural balance. 


We still don't care about nature because we think our technology and intelligence will show us the way forward, that somehow we will survive. But if our own innovation is fundamentally dependent on nature, how long will we be able to survive without this nature itself? Where would we find inspiration from if our dreams will also be bleak without this nature?

Friday, 10 May 2019

Concrete jungle

We call our cities as concrete jungles. When I started visiting the real jungles, I realized the fault in our comparisons. In Jungles, I saw no race to be on top, their is fight for survival but no malice. But there is harmony and rhythm woven into this life. It's filled with magical encounters and peaceful strolls. It's the life that we crave for but calling our cities won't make them imbibe the qualities of a jungle. We will have to change for it, we will have to be compassionate, understanding and be mindful of our impact on this nature.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Flowing water

Whenever I need to calm myself, I listen to the flowing water, it always has a calming effect on me. Just the fact that the water keeps moving through everything, finding its way, bending, mending.. forward it matches on. It encourages me to move, sometimes change myself while other times bend the road to suit my direction. 
In the city that I live in, I don't get to listen to flow of the water. One thing that could help all of us with our mental health is being closer to nature and day by day, we seem to be going away. Not just from nature but even from ourselves. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Teenager in town

This is the place where 4 yrs back I fell in love with another gorgeous tigress, Maya, then ruler of this Pandharpauni area. Here I got my first glance at Chhota Matka, who can be considered as her next generation, if generation holds the same meaning in the wildlife as it does in human life. He is the son of Chhoti Tara, another beautiful tigress and Matkasur, Maya's long time mate and father to some of her litters. Maya is again with cubs, and now mostly in hiding to keep her cubs safe, thanks to the new dominant 'teenager in town'. 

How the circle of life turns!! No one ever stays dominant forever. Who knows when the table of survival turns on us, the entire human race!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Religious teachings

Every religion teaches us love, peace and coexistence in the world. It teaches us things that only humans need to be taught, the things which are immensely important to our own survival. All other species do not have the privilege of religious teachings. Yet they intrinsically understand the importance of balance whereas we, the intelligent lot, are turning a blind eye to the need for sustainability. Are we then really as intelligent as we claim to be if the basic instict of survival is missing? Is our intelligence (our search for higher purpose while ignoring the basic survival) actually going to be the reason of our own doom?

Monday, 6 May 2019

Addicted forever!!!

Do you believe in love at first sight?? I never did, until i saw....HIM!! Seeing this handsome hunk 5-7 ft away from me, the world faded away, my camera fell silent but my heart started beating wildly. Trembling hands, quavering voice and eyes only for him....i forgot myself!! This was my encounter with Matka, name probably given to him looking at his sheer size.
When I saw him so close to me, I was on a high. If this is how a junkie behaves, let me be drugged forever. The 'high' of a drug wears off...but with the memory of those few moments etched in my heart forever, I got the 'high' of my life.. 

P.S: I started taking pictures again after Matka passed our gypsy and started walking ahead, that too after I gained my senses back and heard the guide say, madam, picture le lo, achha aayega (take picture, it is a good opportunity)
And indeed it was a blessed opportunity.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Of Reflections

Seeing the scattered snow 
The sky got jealous
Looking at the cottony cloud
The earth was furious