Saturday, 4 May 2019

Struggle of a mother

Pregnancy is such beautiful phase, best part of it is being pampered and doted on. In almost all species, the males shower love and care towards a female as she is carrying on the blood line. Tigers being lonely creatures even this phase is marked with independence.

A female tiger gives birth alone and hunts as well to feed herself and her newborn cubs. All the while, making sure that the cubs are hidden away safely. There are many predators threatening the tiny vulnerable cubs in the wild including other tigers who regard these cubs as future threat to their territory.

The things she has to do for those tiny bundles of joy!!!! 

Friday, 3 May 2019

Colour Palette

Colour colour which colour do you want?
Have you played this game as a child?
Don't you think whoever invented this game, was inspired by nature?

The painters, artists, all of us humans are so basic that we don't even have names for all the colours the world has to offer. How limited are we compared to this vast nature!!! Let's learn to celebrate and preserve this nature.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Sun's Mercy

In these snow covered lands, where all the time seems to have stopped.... Here the eyes keep searching for colour and all you can see is white... here the Sun decides to play the God of color... sharing all shades of yellow, orange and reds with the world.. not just that, but decides to show mercy on us by having this colours display for 2-3 hours everyday, may be as an apology for all the cold.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019


This gigantic sub-adult came so close to me that his entire face didn't even fit in my frame. One look at its kind eyes and my heart had melted. I offered him one banana which he gulped quickly and started caressing me with his trunk. What more he wanted? Food!! And probably a bit of affection...

The Elephants are wild animals but we domesticate them, train them for tourism purposes, earn profits out of them. In the name of training, we hurt them, beat them. Most of the times, we don't treat these intelligent and kind animals with the respect and love they deserve. Is our 'humanity' only reserved for humans??

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Need of the hour

Science is progressing so fast that we may find a cure for global warming (fingers crossed at least). But what if we lose some species before that happens. What kind of earth we will leave for future generations. Our kids not knowing even names of snow leopard, tiger, rhino, panda would be such a pity. What will it mean for their evolution when there is no world beyond the 4 boundaries of the wall to explore? Just like we lost the tail and are left with just a tail bone, what other function we will lose along with this precious nature and animals.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Curious case

A conversation between a mother and a kid...
Kid- "Let me see, let me see, I want to see"
Mother- "No stay back, you will hurt yourself. When will you start listening to me?"
"But I want to see, pleassseee"
"Ok fine but stay close to me, don't go near"
"Oh my God, mummy, what is this? It's so big and scary, what is it? Don't leave me.. Please I am scared, hold me"

Does this sound familiar? All babies are curious, naughty, when scared they cling on to their mother. And above all they are super cute, adorable, precious. Even animal babies are not so different from our own babies. They need just as much care, protection and love as our babies do. All babies have the right to grow into this world with equal opportunity. 

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Beauty of the jungle

The world without this beauty may mot be worth living at all. This King of the jungle is struggling because we are encroaching on their land and then poaching them or revenge killing them for preying on cattle that shouldn't even be there.
Each of us may not be able to make a significant difference, but together, if we all do our bit, may be one day we will be able to give back what we robbed from them for centuries...their home, their safety, their right to live in this world.