Thursday, 5 December 2019

Run Baby Run

Birth is always magical. It's the start of a new life. It's new energy, new beginning, regeneration of life... ray of hope. We want to shower the newborn with love, protect them from all dangers and give them all the happiness in the world.

Yesterday we posted a photo of a topi being born. The topi mother wants to love and protect the young angel just as much as we do, with our kids. But in these grasslands, the most important teaching/gift a mother can give her child, is the ability to run. Who knows what is waiting behind the bushes! Who knows what will pounce on the tiny helpless kid and snatch him from his mother forever!

So the moment a baby is born, the mother encourages the baby to stand up, and run. It's not easy for the baby. The magic of evolution has given them the ability to start trying from the first moment of their lives. The baby tried, failed, tumbled, fell over, but never gave up. And within 10 mins, another magic happened...the baby finally stood up and started running.

At the end of that day, for us, life won over all adversities.

Food for thought: are we really protecting our children from all potential dangers? Are we really doing our best to give them all the happiness in the world? 

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