Friday, 6 December 2019

The reason of Love

In many of my conversations, I hear people talking about their favourite cat/ dog videos. A lot of times, these are on the characteristics of the animal and sometimes, even their reaction to new stimuli. I am sure you would have seen dog's reaction to a slice of lime or a cat chasing the laser light. Many of these are entertaining.

But have you wondered why are these videos so entertaining? Why, we as humans, find amusement in the characteristics of animals? I think the answer lies in our love for the animals themselves. Do we not want to pet the dog who was tricked by lime or a cat whose tired of chasing ever moving laser light.

Our brains evolved to enjoy the animals because they can help us survive. Modern man now has the ability to view animals in the wild, in captivity, or on smartphones. But the reasons for doing so — whether the animals are cute or deadly — may still be very much the same: our survival as hunters, farmers, and potential prey depend on it.

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