Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Hope for Stripes

African savannas are magical. In these grasslands, you can witness the circle of life right in front of your eyes. Beautiful animals everywhere, innocent herbivores to majestic carnivores.

Indian jungles are not like that. You go to the tiger reserves, hoping to see a tiger, but nobody can ever guarantee you that the beauty of Indian jungles will choose to bless you with a sighting. These safaris aren't comfortable. You get a dust bath in these jungles either in a freezing cold morning or a scorching hot day, never knowing if your quest will end in a disappointment or an ecstasy.

Many people ask me, if it is so difficult to spot a tiger, why do you keep going back to these jungles, why don't you go to Africa only every time! The answer is, these beauties, sadly Africa doesn't have a tiger. I will keep going back, again and again, even if there is remotest possibility to see this beauty. At the end of everything, I will take a small chance of seeing this beauty to never laying eye on one or seeing it in a captured environment. This is my way of worshipping this majestic creature!

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