Saturday, 14 December 2019

Climate Crisis Part 4

Climate change is THE biggest challenge facing the human race currently. We need to take action and we have to take it now. We cannot afford to lose any more time.

Having said that it's probably the most complex environmental crisis human kind has ever faced. The solution/result is not going to come in a short time period. As humans, we are always concerned about our near future. It's not a natural tendency to think beyond that and take actions accordingly, even if we don't see immediate results. So we have to be patient.

There are many steps that we need to take right away to halt the climate change process. Among so many of them, I think the most important are reducing fossil fuel use and creating more green space /carbon sink.

Every time we drive a car, we are emitting greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases have been scientifically associated with air pollution, climate change, acid rain and many more serious environmental issues. This could have been compensated if we had enough green space. However deforestation at an alarming rate has made the recovery next to impossible. Trees don't just photosynthesize and create food for the entire living world. They also produce oxygen and remove harmful gases such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide from the atmosphere. Every living tree removes a massive amount of carbon from the environment and locks it inside. When we cut a tree, not only we stop the additional carbon removal process, we also release a massive amount of carbon that was stored inside a tree through photosynthesis.

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