Thursday, 12 December 2019

Climate crisis part 2

Climate change affects our everyday lives in more ways than we know. Climate change doesn't just increase temperature everywhere. It messes with the temperature and rainfall patterns of a place to make it hotter or colder, drier or wetter. The change in temperature does not just cause discomfort. The untimely rain is not just an inconvenience. These changes are impacting survival of many species.

Every living being in the world have their ideal environment for survival. Some are more resilient than others. But when the environment becomes too inhospitable too quickly, every living being struggles, including us.

Let's assume that human beings can survive a range of temperatures from -50 to 50 degree celsius. The places where temperature was already close to the extremes, is now almost becoming uninhabitable.

But if temperatures keep rising, how long before other places also cross the threshold? We have been experiencing increasing incidences of flood, cyclone, and other extreme weather events. Our population is constantly rising and our habitable area, our own 'habitat' is constantly shrinking.

Can we still ignore climate change?

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