Friday, 13 December 2019

Climate change part 3

We cannot live independently, we depend on nature for food, water and oxygen. Climate change is impacting every living being in our surrounding. Apart from the obvious perils of climate change, there are other implications as well.

Changing rain patterns affect our food and water sources. Too much rain causes flood, drowns our crops and pollutes our drinking water sources. Too less rain causes drought, dries up the crops and drinking water. Rise in sea temperature causes coral bleaching. Coral reefs are one of the most important habitat for thousands of marine species including fishes. When millions of fishes die due to loss of habitat, we lose an important food source. 

One of the biggest impacts of climate change is on food and water security in almost all countries around the globe. Poorer countries are already suffering due to loss of crops, fishes, and clean drinking water. Even in developed countries, food prices are increasing. Unexpected incidents of drinking water source poisoning are on the rise. 

Our population is increasing and food, water sources are depleting. If that is not a reason to be concerned, what is?

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