Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Circle of Life Part 2

Nature is cycle of life and death. We saw a young Topi losing his life and a lioness devouring him. But life isn't all gore and scary. It regenerates itself. Merely half an hour after we saw the Topi being killed, we saw another Topi being born.

Another herd of Topi was happily grazing around. We saw this female Topi uncomfortable and a little shaky. We took a closer look and realized, she was going to give birth pretty soon. The new-to-be-born had already started coming out just a little bit.

Again it was a long wait. The Topi kept grazing, taking break intermittently to lie down on the ground. She kept trying to push the baby out. Some other Topis tried to help her a little at times. But mostly she was on her own. And finally we saw it happen. We saw the tiny one seeing the first light of its life.

It was a test of patience. But we saw the magic of life unfold right in front of our eyes. A loss of life and a sight of new birth, all in a span of an hour. That's how magical these savannas can be. 

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