Friday, 20 December 2019

Cat Stretch

Nature is a place having infinite wisdom. It's the source of most of our imaginations and creativity. It's also the place for most of our learning.

The learnings offered by nature can be as massive as the gravitational force that keeps us alive on earth, or as fundamental as the interdependence among all the biotic and abiotic components. Whenever we are lost, we turn to nature, our biggest inspiration.

Without nature, we have a very limited understanding of even our basic physiology. In the era of technology and fast food, we are losing our fitness, flexibility of our body. But our muscles are not meant to rest all the time. They need to work, and they need to stretch.

The way cats stretch is very effective in stretching their spine and many of their important muscles. When they get up after long inactivity, they stretch to get their muscles ready and flexible for action again.

Cat stretch is one of the most commonly used yoga move used all over the world....yet another gift of nature. 

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