Sunday, 10 November 2019

Who's to Blame?

Just like every year, Delhi pollution has started making news nationally and internationally. Delhi state government has declared school holidays to keep children from getting sick. Delhi CM says the city is currently a gas chamber. The whole city is crippled with thick black smog that is not just difficult to breathe in but is in fact hazardous.

Who is to blame for this emergency? Delhi people blame the neighboring states for burning their crops and neighboring states blame too many vehicles in the city. But the only thing we have so far achieved through this blame game is poorer air quality year after year.

Is there ever just one reason for such a crisis? Burning of crops lead to higher air pollution, and so does too many vehicles. We still could have escaped this emergency had we not cut most of the trees to make space for construction and development. So it is not one state or one generation. It is collectively what we are doing, what we are choosing or prioritizing over others, for generations.

We humans are a weird race. We destroy the things that keep us alive. And then expect someone else to fix our mess. 

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