Friday, 1 November 2019

What about the Ecosystem?

Aarey forest is now more than two thousand trees lighter. Is that such a big deal? After all government has promised to transplant some of these trees and plant thrice as many trees as they cut off.

It is a big deal because we destroyed an ecosystem to build our own. We didn't just uproot these trees, we destroyed homes for all those animals, birds, insects that lived in that forest. All those endangered species of plants, birds, animals, insects, where will they go now?

Transplanted trees many time don't survive. When they are uprooted, they get a shock. Often their roots are cut off or damaged in the process. They may not be able to adjust to their new homes. Also without the bees, the insects, who will pollinate their flowers in the new place? Without those monkeys, who will spread their seeds from one place to the other?

May be in near future we will see more leopards coming out in human habitation and get beaten up or dying. We will justify those actions by saying 'they are violent, they are dangerous' forgetting that we destroyed their home and food supply. May be more monkeys will come and steal our food because there are no trees or fruits available. We will shoo them away and say, 'this is such a nuisance. Why do they come to our homes?' We will soon forget how we forced them to come as we destroyed their home. 

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