Saturday, 9 November 2019

Real forest

When I entered this forest, my first reaction was that this is how a matured forest looks like.... Diverse in every possible aspect. Shapes, sizes, color, flora, fauna......Everything. It's a different world in itself. It is self sustaining, life giving. 

This is a kind of forest that our plante needs. It is not just a forest, it's an ecosystem. Here everything is dependent on the other things. Here everything is part of the nature and is reciprocal. It is all balanced and nature atrophies and renews itself in its due course through the normal functioning of the ecosystem. 

Throughout the world, we have destroyed much of these natural ecosystem. In most of the places around the world, the destruction is still going on. One justification I hear pretty often is that 'we will plant another tree'. But one tree doesn't make an ecosystem, neither does a bunch of trees. Ecosystems can be produced only by nature, not by humans. Cutting old matured forest and hoping to replace it by planting a few trees is nothing but an ignorance. 

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