Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Penguin 2

Have you seen a penguin walk? If not in real life, I am sure you would have seen it on videos. How cute are they? With their two little legs and two little flippers, how lovely is their walk!!!

According to me, Penguins have one of the best social structures that even modern democratic societies would envy. The reason penguins live in colonies is just because they increase the chances of survival, both adults, and offspring. In the first place, among so many individuals, it is easier to find a partner to mate; second, it is also simpler to protect from predators because they can issue warning calls and defend the nests; and third, sometimes they can collaborate to find food. It is a question of cooperation.

In a colony, there is not a dominant male, as in other species of animals. Despite living in groups, within each colony penguins remain in pairs, sometimes alone or with their offspring. Both parents take turns caring their offspring, and when the chick has grown a little, they bring it to the “nurseries,” sites where other young penguins of the colony join.

Doesn't it sound like the perfect society where peace and equality are residing perfectly?

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