Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Penguin 1

Nature is full of aberrations and pleasant surprises. I have been interested in nature and its wonders for quite some time now. But until a few years back, I didn't know the existence of African penguins or the Cape penguins.

Cape penguins are a species found only in Southern African waters, usually within 40 kilometers from the shore. Just like any other penguine species, they are flightless birds but they are excellent swimmers. They can grow upto 2 feet tall and can weigh upto 11 pounds. Females are smaller in size. They have black stripes and a unique black pattern on their chest and a distinctive pink patch above the eyes.

They search for food, primarily sardines and anchovy, in the waters, but build their colonies and breed onshore. They prefer to breed in rocky patches onshore between May through August.


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