Saturday, 16 November 2019

Old is gold

Have you recently been to any event, may it be a corporate event or a personal celebration? If yes, then you would have seen the smallest water bottles ever invented.

I genuinely don't know what is the purpose of these bottles. No one, I mean, no one can be satisfied with that small bottle of water. The amount of plastic which is being consumed because the sheer size of that bottle and the number of people attending an event makes me nauseous.

I saw one event lasting couple of days and the number of bottles that got used and thrown away would fill up more than the huge venue that hosted the event.

I remember as a kid going to these events and many a times I would see a system of steel glasses and a huge tumbler of water. What happened to that system? I grew up seeing this system work, never appreciated it as much as I should have. Why does it look cool to pollute the world but not to preserve the world.

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