Sunday, 17 November 2019

My Choice

You live your life with the choices you make, the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with it.

I am a vegetarian first through family values then through personal ones. I never try to convert people to make vegetarian choices and even though someday I want to be a vegan, today it is not within my limits to be so. But I see many people who will try to shame me or force me into eating meat. Most times the first question I get asked is if I have ever had meat and how did I like it. If it was out of curiosity only I wouldn't mind but it's generally as a discussion to compel me to eat as per their choice or to ridicule my choice of eating.

Sometimes it feels a bit sad to me that such an important choice to relieve the burden on the food chain is being looked as meek or a weak decision. The harm that is being caused by meat and fish farming is well documented. The benefits of vegan and vegetarian diet is also now being outwardly spoken. But we cling to the idea that one man's pleasure will have to mean some form of death or destruction of the environment.

Again I don't want to put this burden on anyone, it is a personal choice that each person has to make. But people who make this choice shouldn't be ridiculed and when they are, it shows the values of our own society.

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