Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Away from our culture

Most of us love our culture and we are proud of it, whichever part of the world we come from. But what is culture? Things that we have been doing traditionally? The things that we were taught as kids by our parents? Or practices of our ancestors which are nothing more than faded distant memories any longer?

With generations, our lifestyles have changed. Our ancestors lived a more rural life, closer to nature. It was a relation of respect and mutual benefit. They needed nature to stay alive just as much as the nature needed them. They weren't the controllers of nature, they were part of it, just as much as an animal or a tree or the land we stand on or the air we breathe.

We still breathe that air. The soil is still the ground under our feet. We still need the nature just as much as our ancestors needed it. But still everything is so different. With increased modernization, we have changed. We are still proud of our culture, but perhaps a little too selectively for our own good. May be the promise of convenience has got the better of us.

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