Sunday, 24 November 2019

Don't go by Looks

Many of us are scared of animals. We think all animals are dangerous. Bigger the animals, more dangerous they are. Carnivores are the scariest and big cats are worst of them all. It's better to stay far away from them, otherwise our lives are in danger.

This stereotype couldn't be farther from truth. The biggest human killer (of all animals) in the world, hippos, may seem innocent to most. But they are actually the scariest and most dangerous animal to humans.

Hippos LOVE water. They spend their day, in big groups- in waterholes, river or lakes- body submerged in the water. Only their eyes and sometimes nose is visible above water. After sunset, they come out of water in search of food.

Hippos are strictly herbivores. But they don't like anything to come between them and their water. If someone comes in the way of a hippo, they immediately feel threatened and kill the person. With their gigantic mouth, one bite can be the end most of us. They don't bite to eat us. They do it in self defense. But still, it may be a good idea to forget the stereotypes and avoid being close to a hippo.

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