Saturday, 2 November 2019

Diversity of Food choice

In recent times I am seeing an interesting new trend. Some people use the word 'veganism' to express their intolerance. They claim that whatever else we are doing otherwise with the environment is all fine, including cutting trees, as long as we turn vegan.

Why are we so averse to diversity of choice? Nature itself is the powerhouse of diversity. Plants generally get their nutrition through their roots from the soil. But in exceptional circumstances, many plants have evolved themselves to get their nutrition from alternate sources too. There are many carnivorous plants in the wild that get their nutrition from ingestong insects or small mammals.

That being said, I definitely would say that eating down the food chain, plant based products, is more environmentally friendly. Cattle farms are globally responsible for greenhouse gas emission and deforestation. Eating too much of red meat is not just unhealthy, it is environmentally not viable.

But the root of the problem is not solely the food choice we make. It is the quantity of it, the commercialization of such demand. Humans are created by nature as omnivores. While in present situation, with 7.5 billion people, we will be better off reducing or stopping our meat consumption. But it is definitely not the solution or compensation for all the other environmental mayhem that we are creating. 

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