Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Cheetah 2

The first time I learned the word 'Cheetah' was as a child when I read about the fastest animal on land. Since then cheetahs have been a source of endless fascination for me. Their small face, slender body, the unique stripes and the teardrop marks on face and the fact that they can reach the speed of 110 kmph in a few seconds made me wonder time and again, what it would be like to see a cheetah chase!! Finally a few days back, I had the privilege of witnessing it.

I saw a few impalas grazing. I knew a cheetah is hiding behind nearby bush and stalking the impalas. Suddenly I saw a burst of dust storm. The impalas started frantically running in all possible directions for life. There was a tiny cloud of dust that moved like a lightning bolt and on top of it was a cheetah. The cheetah moved so fast that my brain couldn't even cope up. I was unable to guage its speed and I kept losing the cat.

The whole chase lasted hardly 5-6 secs. But it was a life and death for both the cheetah and the Impalas. Most times you see a cheetah, you will see it lazying around in rest. But only a few lucky ones are privilaged to witness this miracle of the nature. In those few moments of the chase, I saw what I have been dreaming about my whole life.

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