Monday, 18 November 2019

Delhi Air Pollution

Air pollution in Delhi city has reached hazardous levels. If this is not public emergency, what is? And how do we react to such emergency? We implement some stop gap solutions, like declaring holidays, shutting down offices and blaming others for not taking appropriate actions. Some businesses have grabbed this opportunity to earn more business. They are now actively promoting products like air purifiers or face masks.

But will it ever fix the problem? Air pollution doesn't stay confined in only one place. The air we breathe is our most basic necessity. Why not plant trees to have a more permanent solution for such air pollution crisis. Why not try to reduce burning of fossil fuel and promote more public transport? Why not stop the burning of fields in this season and use the creative minds to find a more sustainable solution?

While Delhi struggles with air quality crisis, Mumbai is cutting matured forests. As if we haven't already destroyed enough!! When will we open our eyes and accept that we cannot destroy the environment we are so dependent on? Only after reaching a hazardous situation as Delhi?

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