Thursday, 31 October 2019

Values of our Generation

It has been raining incessantly causing flooding in the city, so I make sure to stay in the high rise away from the water logging. The summer heat has been increasing every year, I have air conditioning in my house and it's on 24x7. The life I lead is carefully crafted to avoid any discomfort to my well being and that is how I define my success.

I successfully avoid thinking about the cause of these environmental reactions and obviously I ignore the effects my comfort causes to the environment.

At the end of the day, my life's goal is to satisfy my needs, even my own species' survival will not get in the way of my comfort.

Are these the values we are living with, teaching our kids? Is our success really about having full blast AC in the room? Isn't it more satisfying and even healthier to be breathing in the natural air? But sadly we are blinded by the immediate comfort rather than thinking about our long term survival.

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