Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Gift that never ends

There are various seasons for various flowers, the most famous are cherry blossoms, tulips, gulmohar.

Where did all this inspiration come from, the color, the shapes and sizes, no two are alike? When as kids we drew flowers, it was the same sized petals around a small round. But in nature, we find there is no common shape. Wherever we look, there is a variety in form, shape, colour.

As human beings, we don't even have names for all these colors and shapes. Nature has blessed us with something even beyond our imagination.

Nature's gift doesn't even stop there. All these flowers blossoming at different times, as if nature wanted to keep handing out gifts,  unlike the Santa Clause who gets us gifts just once a year. Somehow that doesn't surprise me, at the end Santa was thought by a human while nature is much more generous.

It's true that Nature's work starts where even our imagination ends.

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