Sunday, 13 October 2019

Part 4: Hydraulic Fracking - Conclusion

Part 4: Hydraulic Fracking - Conclusion:

A technology that is regarded as ground breaking can quickly turn into a disaster shattering the ground of human existence. How confident are we about our technology? Scary thing is, the smartest scientists are much less confident than us common people.

According to Dr Anthony Ingraffea (Cornell University), a pioneer in hydraulic fracturing, "We are going to risk our property values, our water, our air, our health... exacerbate climate change, and what do we get out of this? We lose what we have, we lose why we live here"

Our knowledge is not perfect, in fact it is highly inadequate. Available research, however inadequate, already shows that the process can cause irreversible damage to human health and environment. And most likely the price of cleaning up the negative effects could be several times higher than the profits earned.

There are many more examples of such disasters. Our lack of knowledge and reluctance to act, inspired by the potential to profit often leads us to create irreversible damage to our environment. We are not above environment, and we will never be. The question is how much of such abuse can the environment endure? Luxury, capitalism and consumerism have led to such high demand for fossil fuel. But what is the price that we are paying to get this fuel out of the ground? We can survive with fewer cars, but can we survive without fresh water or clean air?

P.S - Environmental concerns have reached more places than we have. The picture doesn't show fracking. Picture shows fresh water sources that are critical to our existence.

Source: Shattered Ground by Leif Kaldor

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