Wednesday, 2 October 2019


Plastic is everywhere. In today's world, it will be almost impossible to find anyone who has never used plastic or any other compound derived from plastic.

First man made plastic was patented in 1856, a little over 150 years ago. Plastic is lightweight, cheap, not easy to break and waterproof. Due to these convenient features, in only 150 years plastic has invaded every part of our lives. From water bottles to plastic bags, cigarette butts, packaging, even our clothes.

But nothing in the world comes truly cheap. This apparent convenience has huge repercussions. Plastic is very difficult to break down in the environment. Different forms of plastic can take several decades, centuries or even millennium to break down. So the billions of tons of plastic waste that we produce, end up in landfills or oceans for centuries. Excessive usage of single use plastic is choking the oceans. By 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish, killing millions of animals every year.

We all know that plastic is choking our planet, steadily making it uninhabitable for most of the species, may be even for humans. But we still keep using plastic. Like an insect infestation, plastic has infested the planet. We think the insect infestation is so harmful that we take extreme measures to kill them, sometimes even use more dangerous chemicals than the insects themselves. But surprisingly, we are not taking any action against the plastic. If we decide to stop plastic infestation, it will only be beneficial to us, and yet, we take no action at all!!

After all, we are the most intelligent species on earth!

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