Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The Price of Convenience

Nothing on this planet has ever been independent of nature. From the beginning of time, humans had been coexisting with nature respectfully. Our ancestors lived in nature, with nature, changing and adapting their lifestyle as per natural processes. They were the indigenous people of the land. Many of them were nomadic, to adjust their livelihood with natural cycles. When it was too cold, they moved to a hotter place, when the water sources dried up, they moved to a place where it was raining and when food sources depleted, they moved to a place full of natural resources.

But this moving around wasn't too 'convenient' for many of our ancestors. So the modern societies modified its surroundings endlessly. They changed the environment, poisoned the air, water, soil, meddled with natural processes. In return these modern societies don't have to move around anymore. But is it really for better? What if our water dries up now or our food sources deplete? How long before we are forced to move, just like our nomadic ancestors. 

The intricate relationship with nature gifted these indigenous communities with valuable experiences, knowledge passed on from generation to generation through stories and cultural practices, which is now globally recognized as invaluable tool for environmental management which our science and technology failed to achieve with all its sophistication.

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