Friday, 18 October 2019

Best Companions

We hear a lot of cases where children don't look after their parents when they are old. Older generation always feels lonely and forgotten. We also hear about incidents where parents abandon their kids. Many instances show us that faith in other human beings is detrimental while on the other hand if we befriend animals or plants, they are the best companions.

It is said that dogs are human's best friends. Many dog owners consider their pets to be their children. And these children, don't just give us pure joy and happiness, they give us unconditional love for as long as they are alive. We become their whole world. They can't talk, but with their cute eyes, licks & barks and waggling tails, they convey that we are their whole world and how happy we make them everyday.

There are a number of indoor plants which become droopy if they don't get enough water. As if they are sad to be ignored for so long. But the moment they get water again, they bounce back happy, as if to say thanks for taking care of us.

When we come back home from work, the happiness that our dogs get to see us is so pure, so unadulterated. The gratitude these plants show after we water them is so satisfying. We as a species have achieved a lot, but may have lost some simple but precious things along the way. Unlike the dogs and the plants, humans many times fail to offer unconditional love.

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