Monday, 16 September 2019

True Colors of Nature

As kids, we are taught some simple facts.

Leaves are green
Blood is red
Water is colorless
Sky is blue
Fishes swim
Trees produce their own food

But now as an adult, since I have seen the true color of nature, I know that nature is incredibly diverse. Many leaves are indeed green. But some leaves are different, always or seasonally, turning yellow, red, orange, brown and many more.

Blood is red for most species, but incredible nature has created some aberrations to that as well. Blue blood does exist, not in royal families, it exists in the royal nature. I have seen ocean so blue that it hurt my eyes. Also seen water in so many different colors that I have lost count. I have seen the sky dancing with variety of colors- red, pink, yellow, green. I have also seen fishes that fly and trees that are carnivorous.

All these variations are beautiful. They show the diversity and prosperity of nature. But there are other variations as well that only depict the abuse that we impose on this beautiful nature. Sky turning grey due to hazardous air quality in cities, water turning black or murky due to toxic waste dump, or trees turning lifeless due to pollution...they are not desirable. They are not signs of healthy abundant life, rather they are indications of a doomed future!!

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