Thursday, 19 September 2019

The Air We Need

I am underwater. I can't inhale. But i still exhale, one bubble at a time. As the bubbles leave my body, I struggle to keep going. With every bubble, the air reserve in my lungs dry out.

This feeling is very common among those who swim. But I, personally get that sinking feeling in much different situations.

Three long months away from nature. Three long months stuck in a luxury city apartment...home to work, work to home, a city where noise is the way of life, air quality is hazardous at best, time is spent on getting stuck in traffic rather than watching water flow in the river or listening to birds chirping. After 3 long months, I am back HOME, my real home, again. After all this time, finally I can breathe again. Not short labored breathing necessary to survive; long breathe of fulfillment and peace.

Even if this is my way of life; to most, this sounds exaggerated, too dramatized. But it won't be for long, pretty soon this will be reality. As we lose innumerable trees, pollute ground water, wipe out biodiversity, breathing will become more and more labored. Already in the polluted cities, air quality causes breathing disorders, cause premature death and children mortality. With deforestation, a day will come when we will long for this peaceful breathing!

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