Saturday, 21 September 2019

Survival of the fittest

In the Darwinian Evolution Theory Darwin introduced the concept ‘survival of the fittest’. It was described as the mechanism of natural selection.

We have exploited nature for centuries. Our relationship with nature started with use and ended up being outright abuse over the last century. And we have always justified that by saying nature is only resource, meant to be exploited. We have wiped out billions of animals (may be even more) and trillions of trees, always thinking, they die and we live because we are fitter. So it's just a natural selection.

But is the underlying assumption even comes close to reality? Or are we terribly mistaken? Who created us? Who made us the smartest on the planet? Who made our surroundings so delicately balanced so that we survive? Who sustains us with food, oxygen and water? The answer is NATURE!! So by abusing nature, are we proving that we are the fittest? Or are we proving that we are the bumbest species on earth?

It's like in Frankenstein, when the humanoid started thinking it is smarter than the creator, the only way left for Frankenstein to stop the monster from causing any more disaster was to destroy it. I wonder when nature decides to do the same to us. 

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