Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Snaily Trail

Have you seen a trail of a snail? I have always been fascinated by it, how it leaves an imprint on its journey, its slime marking its path. Isn't that what every human being wants to do, make a mark on this universe?

Sadly that's what we are doing, we are leaving a trail that can easily be followed, a trail of plastic. Everywhere we go, we leave a ton of garbage, most of it is plastic.

Humans have even exceeded the snail. Snail only marks where it has been but humans have left a plastic trail where they don't even inhabit. We can see plastic in the deep ocean and on top of mountains. We keep seeing photos of animals eating plastic or being injured because of it. We recently saw a trail of plastic on Himalayas.

This is what our legacy will be to the world, our mark to show that humans were here, our blazing trail of plastic.

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