Friday, 13 September 2019

Rain Crisis

First rain, that smell of the earth, which seems to be smiling from the drops of rain on its scorched body. How I keep telling myself that the summer will pass and there will be rain, that everything will be green again, that everything will grow again. I always welcomed rain with open arms and a playful smile.

Especially this year, I was waiting for rain, with so many places literally running out of water, it was a matter of survival not just beating the heat like every other year. And rain it did, so much that we had flooding in many states. There was so much loss of life and property due to floods that we started praying for the rain to stop.

The moment this thought entered my mind, I stopped in my tracks. What is happening to us, the excessive water shortage and rainfall are these not indicators enough on the kind of future we are looking into? Are we still going to deny the climate change and the emergency that we are facing? How many more need to suffer before we acknowledge climate change as a problem? While finding a solution is still a very long way.

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