Saturday, 14 September 2019

Our Choice

We keep hearing about noise pollution and how it adversely affects our mental and physical health. In most cities, the construction sounds and transportation noise are the main culprits for the noise pollution.

In all this noise, we can't hear the nature sounds, a bird singing, falling rain drops, gushing wind and even the flowing water. All the soothing noises we are limiting, we are cutting down trees, building houses so close to each other that there is no place for wind to roar. And we are building dams or sea link roads on the flowing water.

Seriously, is this how we want to lead our life, focusing and contributing to the noise pollution than nourishing the soothing sounds? This is the time to look at each and every one of our choices and make sure we choose nature's soothing sounds every time. Every time we want to honk, we want to cut a tree, vote for a leader, think about the life you want to lead and make a choice.

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