Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Nature Therapy

Few decades back, when medical science wasn't so advanced, for long term or critical illnesses, doctors used to prescribe nature therapy. There are documented cases of healing through such treatment. Even in the recent times, nature therapy is a well accepted mode of treatment. Nature has amazing healing properties not just for physical health but for mental health as well. Countries like Japan actively promote such treatment to its citizens.

But we are losing nature, more rapidly than ever before. Are we just losing trees, nice looking cute animals? We are also losing a way of life, our protective shield, our healing hand, the screws and bolts in a complex machine. We are losing the basic necessities of existence.

Some may argue that human life expectancy has still gone up over the past decades. But for how long I wonder! We made as much medicine as we made poisons. We have endangered much more lives in one Chernobyl than we have saved by eradicating plague or small pox. So far the medicines have outweighed the poisons. But as our poisons grow stronger from hand grenade to nuclear bomb, how long before the poison wins?

Besides, living a longer life doesn't mean fulfillment. In the fast changing world of apparent luxury and convenience, mental illnesses claim more lives than ever imagined. But may be that is a topic of discussion for another day!

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