Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Mother Nature

In most of the cases, nature is flawless. Nature creates anomalies, and it designs its own corrective actions as well. Natural systems are designed in such an amazing way that any flaw in one process will automatically be compensated by another outstanding process.

We see many such miracles in our lives, starting from the very first stage of our lives. A mother's breast milk is the elixir of life for most kids, human or animals. It not only provides all rounded nourishment to newborns, it is scientifically proven to boost immunity and stimulate brain development. But the miracle doesn't end there. A premature baby needs more nourishment and care than a full term baby and the mother's milk provides that extra care as well. Scientists have observed that a premature baby's mother's breast milk contains more nutrients than a full term baby's mother's milk. Isn't nature amazing? 

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