Monday, 9 September 2019

Life Worth Living

From the beginning of time humans have been exploiting other animals. For food, transport, agriculture, medicinal values, scientific experiments or even fun. Many times we justify animal cruelty saying they are farm animals. They are specially bred for this purpose. But how is that justifiable?

Let's think about a farm animal's life for a while. They often live and die to serve us. Often artificially or force-bred, they grow up without any parental or familial care. Cramped in unhygenic tiny spaces, they await death from the day they are born.

Is that a life worth living? Perhaps not!! Many of them actually die due to inhuman living conditions, human cruelty, diseases or simply to be served on a plate as food. But not all are so fortunate. Many animals have to serve humans while alive, fulfill their 'destiny' by getting tortured every living moment of their lives.

We cringe in disgust and shiver in horror hearing about slavery or human experiments like the unit 731. Is such cruelty is considered illegal and inhuman on us, how is it acceptable towards animals?

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