Monday, 2 September 2019

Is God really happy?

There are thousands of different religions in the world and billions of people following them. Most of the religions believe that God created humans. So we worship God, we offer devotion and prayers, even sacrifices to God. The face of God changes across religions, but the basic construct doesn't change.

But God didn't just create humans. God created the whole universe...the sun, the planet, its land, air, water, every living thing starting from single cell organisms to plants and animals also. And He made sure all the creation is intertwined in a delicate balance in the entire ecosystem.

Every religion also talks about peace, harmony and love among all humans, because they are God's creations. But what about ALL of this creations, from plants to animals? Shouldn't peace and harmony extend to them as well? If harming or intending harm to another human being is a sin, how is harming a plant or animal acceptable?

How do you think God feels to see the abuse of His creations at the hands of the humans?

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