Saturday, 7 September 2019

I am losing my home

I am losing my home.

Home, it's a feeling, it's a place that I call my own. It's not just a shelter, it's not just a roof over my head.

I am at home when I see a sunrise over the horizon and when I can enjoy the birds' wakeup calls. I feel at home when my bare feet touch the grass and I am drenched in the rain. I feel whole when I can relax in the tree shade with the gentle music of flowing water. Home is a calm place where I can relax and feel one with nature.

But I am losing my home. My home is actually becoming a sanctuary, an escape I have to find to cope with life. Is this a common feeling? Is that why travel has suddenly become so alluring? Everyone is searching for that feeling of home which we can't get in these overcrowded cities and closed concrete buildings. We keep looking for it in newer places.

Is this our prosperity? Is that what we want to achieve? What material gain do we aspire that will replace the feeling of home?

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