Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Our Roots

Everyone of us is attached to the place we grew up in, our home, our colony, our school, college, the Chaat counter... A lot of our memories are associated to the place.

For most people, there is that one place they belong to. It is similar for wildlife, they prefer their own area, where to graze, hunt, laze around, find mate. A lot of species even migrate, they move from place to place depending on climate and it's also a set rule.

How would we feel when the house we grew up in caught fire or the colony is demolished? Don't these animals feel the same way when humans destroy their habitat? We have all seen the pictures of mourning animals in the Amazon fires. How are they different from the face of humans who lose everything in any tragedy? For these animals, everything is lost, sometimes their family, their herd, their grazing ground, their water/ food supply, their universe has collapsed in that one incident.

It is critical to open our eyes and realize that the tragedy we are causing for these animals will be soon upon us as well. We will soon be left without food, water and inhabitable land if we continue to cause this mayhem. If not to stop the cries of the wildlife then to stop the future cries of our own children, let's stop these fires.

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