Wednesday, 4 September 2019


I grew up in a middle class family where education, being a good human being was given the utmost priority. I was taught the value of things and was never allowed to splurge. As a kid, I never realized the value of it. These values pushed me to work harder to achieve something in life all by myself. And environmentally, they saved me from years of wasting resources.

When I started working, I was suddenly introduced to a salary account and a world of consumerism. In this new world, getting new stuff looked like the solution to all problems. First the big shopping malls and then the online shopping websites...all made it even easier. I bought stuff when I was happy, sad or angry. The obsession to own the new stuff as soon as I see it, made me buy things which I never needed or never used. I donated never used items to buy new items that would be never used in the future. The excitement of owning new stuff was gone the moment I buy them. Then the craving for new excitement started again.

Today when I look back to that obsession, I see effort to hide lack of fulfillment with material goods. After a while I started realizing, the things that really gave me fulfillment, weren't listed on a shopping website or displayed in malls. Even after owning all the stuff, I still turned to nature for meaning. Over time I realized, the precious memories that I hold so close to my heart, weren't any of those material things I bought. I realized that my moments spent with nature, unique outstanding experiences with wildlife brought a smile to my face every time I thought about them, which my material possessions failed to provide for so long!!

Consumerism is taking over our modern society and it's only driving us further away from our real root, nature. If my shopaholic past sounds familiar to you, ask yourself this, do you need all those items that you buy? Does the new item bring smile to your face, create a memory that you will never forget?

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