Sunday, 15 September 2019

A Different Religion

Nature is my God. Environmental awareness is my religion. Like God takes care of all his children, nature takes care of all its creations. In the end, everything is connected in circle of life, every species has a purpose, everything is important.

Trees are stationary, they can't move. If they were to survive alone on earth, all seeds from a tree would fall to the ground just next to the tree, fighting for ground with each other leading to survival of the fittest. So over a period of millions of years, nature created the perfect solution.

Trees evolved to create beautiful flowers, sweet nectar and juicy fruits that can attract insects, birds and animals. Insects come to the trees in search of nectar, sometimes even attracted by some special scent that help them in their courtship with opposite sex. In return they collect pollen from the tree, spread it from their body to wider areas. Birds and animals come to the trees in search of shelter and food, and in return they spread the fruits and seed from one place to the other.

Can any system be any more marvellous than these harmonious relationships between different species? If this is not sacred, I don't know what is. 

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