Monday, 26 August 2019

What is Success?

Success has different meaning at different stages of our lives. As students, success meant getting through the dream school, grade, getting a job. Later in life, it can be getting married, having children or getting a promotion or the next raise. The standard of these successes are not always entirely our own choice. Sometimes it is set by parents, sometimes spouse, boss or the society. But one thing is constant. It's always competitive, aspirational, asking to go above and beyond.

In today's fast paced world, we run after one success after another. We get into that prestigious college- only to understand that this traditional education will just give us a degree, not teaching valuable life lessons to help us overcome challenges of life. We work harder, burying ourselves in our work to get the next promotion, only to realize later that it's just another title. And by the time we look up, years have passed.

In this continuous pursuit of success, we forget what true happiness is all about. We forget to stop for a moment to re-evaluate our lives, acknowledge all the wonderful things we already have. We forget to appreciate the small things, the tiny pieces of unadulterated happiness we find from watching a sunrise, breathing fresh air, listening to the sound of a waterfall, feeling cold air blow our hair.

Genetically, we just need a happy and healthy (physically, spiritually and psychologically) life where we don't lose the connection with the root of our lives, our environment. But societal structure and its pressure drives us away. So I have stopped letting someone else define success for me. If getting lost in the wild is my definition of success, so be it. If calling of nature is what makes me happy, I will look up and listen, however buried I am in work.

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