Wednesday, 21 August 2019


It makes me so thankful that I have always been a vegetarian, due to my family's habits. When I started making my own food choices, my parents never restricted me from eating meat but by then I knew of my own love of animals and never willfully deterred from the path of vegetarianism.

When I think about it, wasn't it such a smart thought to actually create a community which would restrict themselves from eating meat and in return maybe, they were given a special status in society.

The same idea seems to be in play when it comes to saavan. Many people in India will refrain from meat and fish. It is difficult to procure these in the monsoon months and gives time for the species to reproduce and recuperate.

The thought actually shows a care and understanding of nature and environmental balance. It shows the need for control and balance which is even more relevant in today's day and age.

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