Saturday, 3 August 2019

Unusual friends

If we have to think who is the most important person in our lives, we would think of friends and family. We recognize the contribution our friends have in our lives. Friends make us feel more alive, help us through tough times, they make us who we are. But do we recognise ALL our friends? Some friends shape our lives silently from the background. 

Those, for example, who stand tall in the scorching sun to generate oxygen so that we don't suffocate, provide shade from the heat, provide food, bind soil together and trap water inside so that we don't get washed away in floods or landslides. 

A few years back, a few of us were stranded on an unstable high altitude region of the Himalayas in the middle of a torrential rain and landslides all around. What saved our life was a tiny stretch of the cliff above us - thick with trees where the soil refused to come loose in the heavy rains. 

Then why don't we put our trees on the same pedestal as our best friends? They support the life we live, silently, saving us from a horrible death and extinction. Shouldn't they be considered as our biggest friends and saved above everything else? 

If you find the comparison a bit posh rant from the privileged and smirk worthy- just close your eyes and imagine a world without trees. Without their oxygen producing abilities, our lungs won't last even a few minutes! So let’s go ahead and enjoy as this friend gets killed today for getting us another precious concrete cage. At least our corpses will have smirks on the face.

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