Monday, 12 August 2019

Trees- Passage of Time

Trees, through them we can see passage of time. Every season brings with it a new phase for the trees. The arrival of new buds, being full of green leaves, then the flowers blossoming and bearing of fruits... the birds are singing on its branches, the bees are roaming around the flowers and monkeys are devouring the fruits. At this stage, each tree is an ecosystem in itself.
Through all of the flourish, tree is slowly preparing for the autumn, shedding all the coats of the armor of leaves and bearing itself open. It is giving the required fertilizer to itself and remaining calm before the whole process starts again.

Trees are the embodiment of living in the present. For me, trees are the apt example of mindfulness- a state of acknowledgment and acceptance of one's present conditions. Maybe trees were actually the inspiration behind the famous philosophers and psychologists who advocate mindfulness.

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